Here is a typical class schedule in Escuela Falcon so you can get an idea about what life in Escuela Falcon is like. Please enjoy reading! Keep in mind that of course every student has different class schedule, and this schedule is just a sample.

8:55am – ¡Buenos Días!

The first students arrive at school around 9:00am. Some students arrive early to chat amongst the other students as well as teachers and to help themselves to coffee.


9:00am – The First Class!

Grammar with Jessica

The 1st class is grammar with Maestra Jessica. This class is held on the terrace, where you can see the beautiful landscape from the classroom. Because we have a small number of students in each class, the class is based on each student’s pace. All classrooms have a warm atmosphere, and you can feel free to ask any questions. You will build a close relationship with your teacher. For example,  our instructor Jessica is very friendly, cheerful and has a bright smile with a clear voice.




10:00am – The Second Class!

Conversation with Laura

The next class is conversation with Laura. In this class, we work on improving our speaking skills while learning new vocabulary. She laughs and smiles a lot and shares lots of funny anecdotes. She always brings a positive atmosphere into the classroom. You will not feel forced to speak up; however, naturally you may want to share your stories thanks to her positive energy.




11:00am – The Third Class!

Cooking Class with Isadora

Next, we have Mexican cooking class led by our professional chef Maestra Isadora. Regardless of age, anyone can take this class and learn how to cook various kinds of Mexican dishes. Also, in the process, you can learn lots of vocabulary related to Mexican cuisine. Today’s menu is Chiles Rellenos. Chiles Rellenos originated from the city of Puebla. As you can tell from these pictures, we start from the very beginning until we get to the best part…

Can’t wait to eat them!




After about 50min… here are the completed Chiles Rellenos!!!!

¡Buen Provecho!



12:00pm – Break Time!

The Gordita Stand

On the hill leading to Escuela Falcon, there is a gordita stand where many students and teachers come for lunch. They draw quite the crowd! Here we can see Maestra Jessica ordering and eating gorditas. They look so yummy!!!!! One gordita costs only about 12 pesos and there are many healthy and vegetarian options. You should definitely try one!




12:30pm – The Fourth Class!

Salsa Dancing with Ana Laura

The next class is Salsa class with Ana Laura! There are options for kids and adults- people of all ages! We learn many things from basic steps to difficult steps little by little. You do not need to have previous dance experience. All you have to do is follow what she tells you to do and you will be able to learn the steps much easier than you could have ever imagined. It is very enjoyable to dance with other students and a great opportunity to get close to them! This is an unforgettable experience!!



13:30pm – The Fifth Class!

Latin American Literature with Camila

This is Latin American Literature Class with Maestra Camila. This class is one of the advanced classes. You need to understand passages in Spanish. Hmmm, it seems difficult. But the class is at the students’ pace, and you can always ask questions. The class size is very small- only 2 students and 1 teacher in this class. It is a lot of fun!




5:00pm – 6:00pm (Thursdays)!intercambio

On every Thursday at 18:00, we have a language exchange opportunity with Mexican students learning English at Escuela Falcon. We meet at Escuela Falcon and go to a café in the city. We call this event “Intercambio” (English: Exchange). We discuss many topics related to our hometown, home country, and our culture and so on, and we get to know each other. This is a great place where you can improve your Spanish-speaking skills. Let’s take advantage of everything we have here!




That was it for today! ¡Nos vemos mañana!


Were you able to get an idea of what life is like at Escuela Falcon? What did you think? Are you excited about learning with us? Let’s study Spanish at Escuela Falcon, a school filled with amazing experiences!!

Written by Hayato Yamashita, a 2016 Summer Escuela Falcon intern from Tokushima, Japan.