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      UNESCO World Heritage site, Guanajuato is a colorful colonial city nestled between the mountains of Central Mexico. Guanajuato was first founded by Spain in the early 16th century and quickly became a world-renowned exporter of silver and other minerals. Among the many fascinating historical events that have taken place here is the first battle of the Mexican War of Independence in the Alhóndiga de Granaditas. Guanajuato is also famous for its many lurid legends.

      Guanajuato’s sunny, temperate weather is perfect for walks along its picturesque cobblestone streets and labyrinthine alleyways. The city is home to many museums and bustling plazas and is the perfect place to both relax and explore. Part of what makes Guanajuato´s culture so rich is the presence of a large University. The University of Guanajuato brings many cultural events and activities to Guanajuato. University groups host movies, concerts, plays, conferences and other affordable or free activities.

      Guanajuato has a thriving nightlife. You can go salsa dancing, embark on a callejoneada (a vibrant musical tour of Guanajuato alleys) attend a philharmonic concert, drink in one of the many bars, or enjoy live music in the jardín. No matter the night, there is always an event to attend.

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