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Our newest intern

Welcome, Boroka!

When you study and speak the language of a different country, you are really given the opportunity to understand the culture. I decided to come to Mexico as part of my studies at university in Scotland, and I love it so much that I am finding any excuse to stay! I have been so lucky to find this lovely school, in which I am doing a summer internship. Mexico, and especially Guanajuato, really has something different to offer. The people are amongst the friendliest in the world… making friends is so easy, when everyone is so keen to get to know you and to invite you to events. The ease and safety of walking around the beautiful old town of Guanajuato can never be taken for granted. And the prospect of being able to eat Mexican food any day of the week is tantalizing!Learning a language is by no means easy, but the teachers here do everything they can to make it fun and exciting! The school is bright, colourful and very welcoming. I feel that by coming to Mexico, you will not only have the opportunity to improve your Spanish, but also to meet amazing people, be welcomed into the culture and learn something new about the world!Boroka is Escuela Falcon’s newest intern. She’s from Scotland and is looking forward to spending a few months here in Escuela Falcon! She loves Guanajuato and Mexico!