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Children’s spanish Program

Learning Spanish for kids , in Escuela Falcon Guanajauto

Our Children’s Program

Escuela Falcon Children’s Program is not just a language program – It is an unforgettable cultural experience! In addition to Spanish classes during the day, children have the opportunity to participate in many other activities.

Children love our teacher-guided visits to museums and markets, craft activities such as piñata and Mexican-kite making, city-scavenger hunts, and weekend trips to nearby cities and towns.

This broad range of out-of-class activities provides opportunity for your children to use the language skills they learn in class in real-world situations while experiencing Mexican culture, history, and traditions first-hand. At Escuela Falcon, we believe learning Spanish should be fun!

Escuela Falcon has developed its own elementary Spanish immersion program especially for children. This way the whole family can take classes to suit their individual requirements

We put our experience to good use and ensure our classes are lots of fun. Our kids program consists of three hours a day at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and makes full use of games, visual materials, videos, popular songs, “rondas” and lots of field practice.

Why should my child learn Spanish?

Children are like sponges –they soak up new vocabulary and language structures very easily! Childhood is the ideal time to learn a second or third language.

Learning a new language awakens their curiosity and enthusiasm about the large and diverse world that surrounds them!

It’s never too early to begin learning another language, and the social and cognitive benefits of second or third language exposure are tremendous!
According to Duke TIP’s Martha G. Abbott, Children who learn a new language starting at a young age:

read with greater ease.
display higher levels of creativity.
exhibit more efficient and advanced problem-solving abilities and reasoning skills.
perform better on both verbal and non-verbal intelligence tests.
learn how to communicate with people from all backgrounds and to appreciate and respect
different cultures.

Abbott, Martha G. “Cognitive Benefits of Learning Languages.” Duke.TIP. N.p., 08 Oct. 2007. Web. 03 Oct. 2015. .

Course Options

What better way to learn the names of fruits, vegetables, and other foods in Spanish than by making a dish with them yourself? Have your child learn Spanish (and to cook!) by touching, smelling, mixing and tasting! A popular activity in this class also includes a trip to the local market.

*Extra cost for cooking ingredients


Students begin to learn the fundamentals of Spanish grammar through language immersion and hands-on learning activities. Learn grammar and vocabulary through doing and seeing!



Explore the world of movies in Spanish! Students will watch short, age-appropriate films to build their vocabulary and listening comprehension. Afterwards, they will discuss the films with the teacher and class as well as complete fun projects related to the film!



Uno, dos, tres, ¡baile! Get your body moving and shaking while learning Spanish the whole time! Your child will learn the basics of different Latin rhythms and dance steps while being immersed in the Spanish language.



This class places heavy emphasis on learning about culture associated with the language, traditions, art, and history of Mexico through interactive activities, games, and exercises.



The world outside is the best classroom! Adventures include trips to local markets and various museums in Guanajuato, scavenger hunts throughout the labyrinth of the city, and more. This class is usually an hour, but it can be extended to last two


hours to accomodate trips further from the center of the city. Children are always accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Safety is our priority!

**Field trips are subject to extra costs for entrance fees, ingredients, or travel requirements.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or doubts., we are happy to help!



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