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Staff-testimonials 2016

Jessilyn – New Hampshire, U.S.

Students at Escuela Falcon are just as fun, friendly, and motivated as the staff here. The positive classroom environment makes teaching at Falcon extremely rewarding for both me and my pupils. Teaching here has helped me realize that making connections in the classroom is vital in order to promote learning. I’ve definitely improved as a teacher since working here!

HAYATO – Tokushima, Japan

I got a brief explanation of my internship and started working on designing advertisements and some long-term projects. This is my first internship in my life and designing is something which I have never done before. I really want to accomplish all jobs with my full passion and responsibility.

Ana Elisa – California, U.S.

This summer, I am no longer just “vacationing” in Mexico. I’m interning at a school that does what I love most – spreading the beauty of learning a language. Escuela Falcon does it the right way: they promote language and culture.